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Excellent engine sound protection with the system

Every machine is different and therefore the sound produced by them is also different. When a sound wave reaches a component, it is made to vibrate, transmitting the sound onwards. Machines can create practically any frequency of sound – from very high, whistling tones to low, almost throbbing sounds.

Due to the ever increasing demands made by the law regarding noise pollution protection, plant manufactures and operators are obliged to reduce to a minimum the noise pollution of their machines and plants as much as is technically possible and practical.

Sound protection consists, on the one hand, of measures to counter the production of sound in the first place, and on the other, of the minimisation of the transmission of sound from the source to the listener.

As a manufacturer of sound protection insulation for motors and engines in the turbine and machine sector as well as for power station construction, we provide optimal solutions for reducing the noise and reverberation from machines quickly and easily. We are also happy to provide individual sound protection insulation for your motors and engines made from fibreglass matting or sound protection covers made from sheet metal.

For sound protection we offer you the following solutions:

  • Single-layer or multilayer insulation made from fibreglass cloth
  • Insulation made from oil-resistant textiles
  • Combined heat and sound insulation.

For ease of installation and removal, hooks, buttons, velcro and belts are used with the insulating matting. With the sheet metal covering, turnbuckles and screw caps are used in order to guarantee easy access to the components.

engine sound insulation engine sound insulation