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Silencer insulation -
HERTER fibreglass matting for anything that gets hot

A silencer on a combustion engine is subjected to high temperatures. However, it is not usually desirable here for heat to be emitted. In other situations, such as in a cogeneration unit, as well as the electrical energy of the engine, one wants to capture and use all the thermal energy. Here, a lack of silencer insulation leads to undesired heat losses.

A professionally insulated silencer

  • no longer emits heat.
  • spares other components from being dragged into suffering from heat radiation ‘out of solidarity’.
  • increases workplace safety by providing protection from burns.
  • reduces the noise level.

With HERTER-fibreglass matting you can insulate your industrial facilities – but also your railway vehicles, if they have a diesel engine – against loss of heat and noise pollution. Insulating waste gas facilities and systems reduces the heat radiation and heat increase in the engine room, whilst protecting the components close to the engine from overheating.

Silencer insulation