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Insulation in biomass power stations

A biomass power station burns solid biomass in order to generate heat and electricity. Like fossil fuels, all biomass is of organic origin. The waste heat that is generated can be used, for example, for heating purposes or for process heating. When the biomass is burnt, water and in some cases organic liquids with a low evaporation temperature are heated in a boiler. This produces steam that drives a turbine, which then generates electricity via a generator.

For biomass power stations, we are happy to take on the manufacture of

  • sheet metal-encased insulations for interior and exterior locations
  • Turbine insulation with fibreglass textile mattresses
  • Insulating entire facilities

Here we use mattress insulation for heat insulation as well as combined insulation in order to optimise the surface temperature, including in areas with limited space. Heat and sound insulation in biomass power stations consists of fibreglass matting or mineral wool insulation with a sheet metal casing.

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