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HERTER fibreglass matting GmbH -
The insulating matting systems specialist

HERTER fibreglass matting is used whenever high-performance, long-lasting heat protection or sound protection is needed. For more than 35 years we’ve been manufacturing insulation of the highest quality for gas turbines, steam turbines, motors, exhaust gas pipes, catalysts and boiler and heating systems. As well as our standard products, we also develop individual, customised system solutions for our domestic and international customers.

As a certified specialist business, we manufacture, supply and install our fibreglass matting for use in temperatures up to 1000° C. We are also happy to answer all your questions regarding professional insulation using our products. We are looking forward to your visit.

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HERTER-Glastuchmatten GmbH -
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HERTER-Glastuchmatten GmbH -
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Turbines – major demands on heat insulation

turbine insulation

Turbines are so-called “fluid energy machines” that convert the kinetic energy (movement energy) of liquids and gasses into rotational energy. When turbines – for example, steam or gas turbines – are insulated optimally, the process performance can be raised and energy consumption can be reduced.

For turbine insulation, we use customised fibreglass matting that fits optimally to the complicated geometrical construction forms found in turbines whilst also being heat-resistant in temperatures of up to 1000° C. Additionally, they can be removed and replaced in little time and at little cost. Click here to read more about our insulation techniques for turbines.

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