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Customised turbine insulation
with HERTER fibreglass matting

Turbines are among the largest machines developed by mankind. The most well known are water, steam and gas turbines. Gas and steam turbines radiate a large amount of heat and make noise. Firstly, this necessitates extensive safety measures regarding heat and sound protection for the employees, and secondly, optimal insulation solutions can increase performance and reduce energy consumption. Additionally, high-grade turbine insulation makes a valuable contribution to climate protection, since it reduces CO2 emissions.

Turbine insulation

A perfect fit despite intricate forms

Turbine insulation

Since turbines often have complicated geometrical forms, they are highly demanding for heat insulation. This is why HERTER manufactures tailor-made, modern fibreglass matting insulation that can be fitted to the most intricate construction forms whilst also having a high level of durability and being heat-resistant even at high steam temperatures. A further advantage is the simple installation and removal in little time and at little cost.

In order to guarantee the seamless fit of turbine insulation and to protect it from external influences, a basic construction is usually constructed out of stainless steel. In order to prevent spray water or oils from attacking the insulation in the turbines, a textile coated in silicon can be used. A variety of textiles are used, depending on the area of application.

Reliable and versatile

Thanks to its reliability and versatility, HERTER fibreglass matting is ideal for a broad range of applications in power plants, mechanical engineering and shipbuilding. A large range of materials are available in a variety of versions and variations.

At your request we will manufacture single-layer or multilayer turbine insulation for you to suit your demands. Our services include measuring, manufacture, delivery and installation.

You receive fibreglass matting

  • out of high-temperature textile
  • out of non-coated glass fabric
  • with a silicone-coated upper textile (with overlapping at the stitching) for oil-resistance and better cleaning
  • as an oil-resistant, chemical-resistant PTFE textile (polytetrafluorethylene)

If necessary, we supply shielding plate, insulation grilles, insulation for valves and containers with a sheet-metal covering.

Turbine insulation Turbine insulation