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Heat insulation and protection for sensitive construction parts

High-grade heat insulation measures are a prerequisite for cost-efficient energy generation. Especially in the industrial field, a large amount of energy can be saved by suitable heat protection measures. Professional heat insulation provides your company with the possibility to optimise production processes, thereby raising the potential to save money. Constantly rising energy costs further favour the recovering of the costs of insulation. Moreover, with heat insulation, you don’t just save money, but reduce your CO2 emissions, thereby doing something good for the environment.

Heat insulation

HERTER fibreglass matting is an excellent alternative wherever, for technical reasons, conventional insulation with insulating materials and a metal sheet casing or insulating materials and a PVC casing cannot be used. Today, fibreglass matting – often described as insulation mattresses or insulation collars – is also used in many technological areas, for example:

Compared with sheet metal-encased insulation, insulation with fibreglass matting is space-saving, easy and quick to install and remove and dimensionally stable.

Why thermal insulation is useful

Gas and steam turbines radiate a large amount of heat. Even just for safety reasons, the use of thermal insulation, for example with high-grade fibreglass matting, is unavoidable. The thermal insulation of pipes and silencers protects other components in the vicinity. In thermal process systems, it is particularly important that high security demands regarding insulation are met.

Insulation using fibreglass matting is therefore particularly useful with technical systems, since it saves energy, reduces CO2 emissions and also protects components from sound emission and fire reliably and long-lastingly.

Heat insulation

Individual manufacturing

Heat insulation

Since no two facilities are the same, we also manufacture fibreglass matting individually according to our clients’ wishes. This way, you can be sure that the insulation matting will fit your needs. Even the most complex facility components can be adequately and properly insulated in this way. Because we carefully document your custom insulation systems during manufacture, we can guarantee your subsequent orders at any time.

The advantages of insulation with fibreglass matting at a glance:

  • Reduction of heat dissipation from hot components, protecting people and sensitive devices
  • Limitation of loss of heat
  • Reduction of temperature drops during the transport of heat over large distances

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